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dog instagram captions

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Dog Instagram captions for doggy pictures

Are you love to share a picture of your dog on social media with a dog Instagram captions? Well, maybe not everyone, but there are a lot of people who do share their cute dog image on Instagram, facebook etc.

We all know that dog is the most adorable pets like others and now the dog has become part of our lives. We consider the dog to be very faithful, its different species are known about its different characteristics. We must have seen the faithfulness of dogs in many stories and films. All of us are almost keep at our house and love him so much that they too take care of us. I have collected some dog Instagram captions. You can use these caption in your Instagram, facebook post.

Dog Instagram captions

dog instagram captions

  1. Let sleeping dogs lie.-Robert Walpole
  2. Love is a four-legged word.-Unknown
  3. A hungry dog hunts best.-Lee Trevino
  4. Hounds follow those who feed them.-Otto von Bismarck
  5. Dogs never bite me. Just humans.-Marilyn Monroe
  6. If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.-Harry S. Truman
  7. The average dog is a nicer person than the average person.-Andy Rooney
  8. Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.-Roger Caras
  9. Dogs got a personality. Personality goes a long way.-Quentin Tarantino
  10. Some of my best leading men have been dogs and horses.-Elizabeth Taylor
  11. Be the person your dog thinks you are.-Unknown

  12. To his dog, every man is Napoleon; hence the constant popularity of dogs.-Aldous Huxley
  13. I care not for a man’s religion whose dog and cat are not the better for it.-Abraham Lincoln
  14. When my dog looks at me, I melt.-Unknown
  15. Dog leave paw prints on your heart.-Unknown

 Good Captions For Dogsinstagram good captions for dogs pictures

  1. I can feel that pain in his/her eyes.
  2. That is so cute, wish my dog would stay like that. Love it.
  3. After taking a shower, you can give him a little girl’s hair.
  4. I wish my dog would sleep with me like that.
  5. The dog seems to be like a dead dog!
  6. Oh my lord, this is the cutest thing I ever have seen!
  7. Oh, look! A new chew toy!
  8. This is love my dog do the same even for two hours.
  9. Dogs are good friends. Care for them like a human, will listen obey.
  10. This is literally beautiful every time we get home.
  11. My dog looks at me and walks away.
  12. That’s the sweetest smile!
  13. Just look at her face! How can you resist patting this dog!
  14. I love that person who has a heart for animals.
  15. Silly puppy is in a playing mood.
  16. Awesome, she is a beautiful dog & so funny. Give her a kiss for me.
  17. I “knew” he went to Mcdonalds without me.
  18. Oh shit, the cops are coming.
  19. I’ve got the money give me the treats!
  20. What’s better than doggie kisses!

  21. So nice you needed to see it twice.
  22. A daily dose of cuteness.
  23. A tired puppy is a happy puppy good puppy!
  24. Dogs are the key to happiness.
  25. Dogs are loyal most people are not.
  26. Omg! That is just too adorable!
  27. Omg! He looks like one of the stuff toys.
  28. Look at those paws, face, fur, it’s a bundle of cute and joy.
  29. These precious babies are working to make some personal life easier.
  30. Dogs are dedicated friends, and if indeed they could speak, your secrets would be safe.

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Dog point of view Instagram captions 

dog captions

  1. hello human, No need to worry, I will watch over you, no need to worry about a thing.
  2. He’s adorable, but he looks like he has an itching problem!
  3. This is what you must feel like on the inside when I rub your back.
  4. When the food is so good that you need the last bite.
  5. Wow, so little but already knows how to cool down.
  6. This could be our house if you let me get a hedgehog.
  7. I need a golden retriever and you need a boxer.
  8. I choose the furry one but nothing should be that cute ever.
  9. Dogs are in reality very smart, it’s that they’re somewhat clumsy, but it’s this characteristic which makes humans drawn to them and just why I love canines so much.
  10. Dogs are devoted friends, and if indeed they could speak, your secrets would be safe.

Dog birthday Instagram captions

  1. You have reached that magical age when new doors open to you.
  2. That dog is thinking what in the world is wrong with these people, I guess I’ll just play along because they definitely have mental issues and I don’t want to make them go crazy and kill me.
  3. Omg, I love this, and I really love people who love, respect and enjoy their pets.
  4. Happy birthday to a very lucky dog you have wonderful parents.
  5. Happy birthday to you hope you had a good tasting cake.

  6. So nice to see someone love their pet so much!
  7. Do you know how my birthday is coming up soon?
  8. Tonight we will sing Happy Birthday together. Well, I will sing and you can bark at the party.
  9. I don’t speak or understand dog language but please accept this Woof Woof means Happy Birthday.
  10. Happy Birthday dear doggy who is just as happy to lick me on my birthday as on his birthday.
  11. Do you know how my birthday is coming up soon?
  12. Today is your birthday, the day you are allowed to scratch people, bark people, break vases & do whatever you like to do.dog birthday instagam captions

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dog filter captions for Instagram

  1. Now humans trying to be a dog.
  2. Every dog has its day.
  3. You gave him nose and ears of a different breed. You never know how racist it can be in the dog community.
  4. A face swap would have been much more interesting.
  5. What do you think of the amazing view?
  6. Making it a little less scary for you.
  7. Since you’re so good with Snapchat.
  8. A blonde licking puppy, never seen that before.
  9. Paws are waiting for his chance to do this after you kicked him last night.
  10. I have watched this a hundred times and each time it is funnier than the time before.
  11. Seeing that dog filter on people’s faces makes me wanna do the same thing.
  12. They do hate that filter, my dog scratched my face after taking those over the picture.
  13. This was you last night when we tried to get a snapshot selfie with you.

Ig captions for dogsfunny dog captions

  1. This little guy is really so polite and gentle and adorable too!
  2. This is going to be bear when puppies are being older.
  3. I thought of you! You are such a dog lover.
  4. I don’t have a husband anymore but I have a puppy.

Dog Christmas photo captions

  1. She is getting a dog for Christmas.
  2. It’s not too late to get me a dog.
  3. There’s nothing better than getting a dog for Christmas.
  4. My dog was a Christmas gift from my mom.
  5. What a beautiful way you make somebody happy at Christmas!
  6. A Siberian husky for Christmas, It was a very lovely thing my baby did for me.
  7. A dog is for life not just for Christmas.
  8. Immediately thought of you! Merry Christmas!
  9. Anything better than a puppy for Christmas.
  10. Is there really anything better than getting a puppy for Christmas?
  11. yes, there is! Adopting a homeless dog from a shelter!

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dog selfie captions

  1. I don’t have a husband anymore, but I have a puppy! Sounds like you traded up.
  2. She was most definitely the missing piece to our family.
  3. Since you like pups as much as I do.
  4. How can you be afraid of this adorable puppy?
  5. This can make anyone smile.
  6. My shoes always were destroyed by my pet.
  7. Here is a cute dog to make you smile.

funny dog pictures with captions

dog captions pictures


Ig captions for dogs


funny dog captions photos


dog pictures with captions

funny dog captions pics


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